Igneus Minimo (inc. Cover, Peel & Rake)


The Igneus Minimo pizza oven cover bundle gives you all you need to start cooking amazing wood-fired pizzas at home.

What is included

  • Ignues Minimo Pizza Oven  (with removable Chimney & Firebrick )
  • Pizza Peel
  • Embers Rake
  • Igneus Minimo cover/carry bag.

Weighing just 15kg, the Igneus Minimo is big enough to cook a 12″ pizza, yet small enough to be taken on holiday with you or over to a friends house to have a pizza party. In the Igneus Minimo you can cook a superb crispy stone based 12 inch pizza in around 60-80 seconds. This bundle includes the Igneus Minimo cover/carry bag, which is designed to fit the Igneus Minimo pizza oven perfectly

The Minimo can also hold a square roasting tin which also allows you to cook roasted meats, lasagnes, casseroles and even bake some bread rolls! The oven runs using small offcuts (6″ pieces) of wood (ideally Silver Birch).

Minimo Manual: Download now