Cook delicious home made pizza in 60-90 seconds!

At The Pizza Oven Shop – France we are experts in all things pizza ovens. We sell high quality pizza ovens for your garden. We have a variety of different types to choose from: portable, tabletop and ovens with stands included. They also come in different fuel types. There are wood fired ovens for those who want the authentic pizza oven experience. Then we have gas ovens which cook just as well as wood and are simple to use. We also have ovens which can use charcoal and wood pellets!

Our smaller portable pizza ovens are the Ooni range and also the Igneus Minimo. These are perfect for taking to a friends house or even on a holiday! The can easily fit in the boot of a car. These portable ovens hold one 12 inch pizza.

For pizza ovens that cook a larger pizza (12-18 inch), we have the Igneus Range and Clementi Range to choose from. Both ranges are exceptional value for money and look absolutely stunning in any garden. Specialist stands are available for both ranges. These ovens can cook roast meats, fish, vegetables, lasagnes, breads, curries, casseroles and so much more…

No matter what pizza oven you choose from us, you can be assured that it will be high quality and suit your pizza oven needs. If you want any advice on which oven will be best for you then call or email us.