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Igneus Pizza Oven

Sole French Distributor

Igneus Classico pizza oven
Igneus Minimo in Stainless Steel
Igneus Classico pizza oven
Igneus Bambino Pizza Oven
Igneus Classico pizza oven

The Igneus pizza oven range has two catergories: The Family Range an The Pro Range. All of these ovens are made from high quality materials and are sold at affordable prices.

All Igneus ovens are made from stainless steel and powder coated aluminium. The Family Range consists of the Minimo, Bambino and Classico ovens.

The Igneus Minimo is completely portable weighing only 15kg and can cook a 12″ pizza in 60 seconds. The Minimo is the smallest pizza oven in the Igneus range, but can still cook a roast chicken dinner or even lasagne! Minimo cooking area is 300x400mm. The Minimo comes with a stainless steel canopy. The Minimo has a removable door and chimney.

The Igneus Bambino is the middle sized oven, with a cooking area of 500x500mm. This size allows you to cook a 14″ pizza or hold a large roasting tin. The Bambino weighs 35kg and is easily transportable with the firebricks removed. Comes with choice of a Antique Copper, Matt Black or Verdigris Blue canopy. The Bambino has a removable chimney and door with air vents.

The Igneus Classico is our hero pizza oven and our most popular. It is excellent value for money and can cook two 12″ pizzas in 60-90 seconds! For the days you don’t fancy a pizza, you can cook roast dinners, breads, fish, vegetables, curries, lasagnes, casseroles and so much more. The 600x600mm cooking area can hold two roasting tins at once. The Classico comes with 6 colour options to choose from: Aubergine, Red, Antique Copper, Graphite, Matt Black and Verdigris Blue. Classico weighs 45kg. The Classico has a removable chimney with damper system and door with air vents.

The Igneus Pro range has two ovens available. The Igneus Pro 600 has the same cooking area as the Classico, but is made from higher grade materials and has been created with commercial use in mind. It has thicker insulation, thicker steel and steel legs. The Pro 600 will cook two 12″ pizzas or hold 2 large roasting tins. It comes in Red, Matt Black or Graphite. The Pro 600 has a removable chimney with damper system and door with air vents.

The Igneus Pro 750 is the largest oven in the Igneus range. It has a cooking area of 750x750mm and can cook an astounding 4 pizza’s at once! The Pro 750 weighs 90kg and has an optional fixing system which allows for it to be secured to a surface. As with the Pro 600, the 750 has thicker insulation and steel than the family range ovens. The Pro 750 has a removable chimney with damper system and door with air vents.

We have optional trolley stands available for the: Bambino, Classico, Pro 600 and Pro 750 pizza ovens. These stands allow you to move the ovens around your garden with ease and look stunning at the same time!

Igneus pizza ovens are fuelled by kiln dried hardwood. We reccomend that you use Kiln Dried Silver Birch as it works exceptionally well and gives that delicous wood fired taste. Do NOT use Pine or softwoods. These ovens will get up to (400-500°c) in 10-15 minutes.

We have all weather covers available for all Igneus pizza ovens. If you are planning on leaving your oven outdoors all year round, then we strongly recommend getting the cover to protect it.

1 year manufacturers warranty is included with all Igneus pizza ovens.




ADDITIONAL Trolley stand

Igneus Bambino pizza oven with stand
Igneus Classico with stand
Igneus Pro 600 with stand
Igneus 750 pizza oven with stand

frequently asked questions


We sell three sizes in the Igneus Range. The smallest is the Minimo, the middle size is the Bambino and largest is the Classico.

The Minimo has an internal cooking area of 30x40cm. With external dimensions of 525mm x 440mm. It is only 15kg.

The Bambino has an internal cooking area of 50x50cm. Externally this oven measures 570mm x 590mm. Weight – 35kg

The Igneus Classico has a cooking area of 60x60cm. Externally this oven measures 660mm x 680mm. Weight – 45kg

Cooking Facts

All Igneus cook a pizza in 60-80 seconds!

Minimo – Cooks one 12 inch pizza

Bambino – Cooks one 14 inch pizza

Classico – Cooks two 12 inch pizza’s

Pro 600 – Cooks two 12 inch pizza’s

Pro 750 –  Cooks four 12 inch pizza’s

All ovens get up to temperature (450-500c) in 15 minutes.

Igneus Pizza Oven

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Blind Firing 

Pro 600 

Pro 750